Epil Experience app
Epil Experience app

Epil Experience app

In the digital era, Epil Experience has decided to develop and publish two technologically advanced apps on several channels - one for consumers and one for professionals. They are constantly updated with promotions, discounts and news about the beauty world.
These tools make it easy to find clients and salons, book services and automatically plan your work, at any time and with complete freedom.
It features a clear, fast design combined with images that help to understand the content.

Jannick Formentini, Epil Experience Sales Director, explains the advantages of the Epil Experience Consumer App and the Epil Experience Professional App.
With these two interactive mobile apps, the Epil Experience mobile platform finally allows beauticians to access and receive advantages. At last, beauty salons can profile all their end clients and schedule them by name, surname and buying habits.
What's more, they will always have an updated appointment planner at hand containing everything to do with the world of Epil Experience treatments. They will be able to interact with the end client to cancel, confirm and propose laser appointments at their salon. Moreover, they will be able to create bespoke, personalised promotions for their salon to put together advertising campaigns, through the notifications of the Epil Experience app, aimed at all their users.
They will also be given an extremely powerful geo-localisation tool for their whole area, which will increase their visibility with laser hair removal users.

The visibility issue for beauty salons, a crucial issue for the whole sector, is one of the factors that the multimedia Epil Experience app is based on. Using the nationwide geo-localisation service, the end client can pinpoint all the closest Epil Experience partner beauty salons in a 50 km radius, which offer their laser days. This service also allows end clients who may not know about or may not already use Epil Experience services to conveniently find the closest, most convenient and best beauty salon for them, depending on how much they want to spend, where they can go for their laser hair removal treatment.
The most demanding end clients can search for all the salons promoting laser hair removal in their area by filling in the simple fields using Google and get an automatic list. This will show all the Epil Experience salons in the area first, meaning that the companies will be listed better - Epil Experience in this case - which can enjoy maximum visibility. The end client can also get their laser hair removal treatment in a new Epil Experience salon with one click by using the multimedia app's reminder system and store locator.
The homepage of the Epil Experience Consumer App features a "Find salon" button. When clients click on this button, the store locator opens, as well as the map. The pointer will geo-localise the client's location and give them the top closest 20-30 stores in a 50 km radius. This system is extremely intuitive and streamlined and has been designed to lead the end client directly to the Epil Experience centre.
If you want to try the Epil Experience treatment, download the Epil Experience Consumer App and you will get 50% off your first treatment right away!

If you are an Epil Experience partner, download the Epil Experience Professional App and communicate with your clients directly to offer bespoke and personalised services and better manage your business. 

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