Case history laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal Armpits for man

Laser Hair removal can also be performed on male armpits, with results after a few sessions.

How can the pain of waxing be avoided?

The pain caused by waxing is a problem that plagues many women, making it an anxious endeavour. Lorena, a young 30-year-old woman, was tormented by the regular waxing she had to do to remove the thick, coarse black hairs on her legs and the pain she was forced to suffer at every hair removal appointment.

Folliculitis and irritation from waxing: how can you get rid of unwanted hair with these problems?

A common reaction caused by waxing is folliculitis, a bacterial infection of the hair follicle that creeps into the capillary, creating a papule at the bottom of the skin pore, which is accompanied by redness and itchiness. Luisa is a 45-year-old woman suffering from excessive hair growth on her chin, along with irritation and post-waxing folliculitis.

Laser hair removal for men

Recent years have seen an exponential increase in the number of requests from men who want to take care of their appearance, starting with hair removal. Today, society imposes models of virility and beauty standards that are the complete opposite of the past, namely men with smooth, hair-free skin, especially in the chest and back areas.

Excessive hair growth in women

Facial hair is one of the most embarrassing things a woman can experience, and when it occurs on several parts of the face, a method that produces satisfying results and is free from side effects is required.

Thick, dark underarm hair

Roberta, 18-years-old, wanted hair-free underarms and to get rid of the dark mark left by continuous shaving. Just like Roberta, many women turn to this kind of hair removal for sensitive areas in order to avoid overly painful waxing.

Black and coarse hair: laser hair removal results

Eliana, 22-years-old, came to the Brescia beauty salon, an Epil Experience partner, to find a treatment for her coarse, black hairs, so that she wouldn't have to wax all the time, as it was painful for her.
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