Epil Cream


Epil Cream is a soothing and moisturising product that has been formulated specifically as an adjuvant in the after care of laser hair removal.
Epil Cream contains plant-based active ingredients that soften and moisturise the skin.

We recommend using Epil Cream when you are getting laser hair removal as it prevents redness forming and helps restore the skin to its previous state. During a hair removal session, the laser beam goes through the epidermis and generates heat. Together with the rubbing action, this places the skin under a small amount of strain and affects its pH and hydrolipidic layer. Epil Cream effectively soothes the skin, which becomes drier after the treatment.

Use: Apply and massage in gently at the salon right after your laser hair removal treatment and at home every other day.

Sizes: 75 ml - 150 ml
Professional: 500 ml

  • € 26.90 - 75 ml size
  • € 36.90 - 150 ml size
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