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A meeting for Epil Experience agents working all over Italy was held on the 21st May, at the Beauty Experience Academy in Sommacampagna (Verona, Italy), with the aim of providing information, updates and sharing corporate targets.

The common thread running throughout the meeting was one question: "why?" Why was the Epil Experience brand created, why and in what direction are actions and investments being made? This digression was explained by the President, Paolo Maggio, who was flanked by the General Manager, Jannick Formentini, who covered the Epil Experience project from its creation to the present day and spoke about the near future. How is the Epil Experience service developing? What are the strategic and sales targets it aims to achieve? What results have been achieved up until now? And what results do they want to achieve?

Epil Experience's internationalisation process came out as an important objective in the trajectory that has so far been completed and which will be pursued in the future. It was presented by the Chief International Officer, Dr. Luciana Trezza, and was the focus of the second part of the meeting.

In addition to this extremely important project, the company also announced other important news: Inkvisible, new technology that removes tattoos and skin spots and new company brands: Face&Body dedicated to anti-ageing products and the Beauty Experience Service & Engineering that offers big opportunities for agents and beauty salons.

It was a meeting filled with topics and updates that aimed to be a time to share values, results and objectives because Epil Experience's strong points are transparency, far-sightedness and group cohesion.
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