What precautions should be taken before and after diode laser hair removal?

In order to get optimal results with the laser, it is crucial that certain steps are adhered to:
- Do not wax in the 15 days running up to the laser hair removal treatment;
- 1-2 days before your session, shave the treatment area to remove the hair shaft, but not the bulb, so as to not compromise the efficacy of the laser (the razor will not make the hair any thicker).
- Do not go on sunbeds for three days before and three days after the laser treatment.
- In the summer we recommend using medium-high protection sun cream on the treated areas.
- Do not go to the sauna or swimming for 24 hours after the treatment.
- At least 30 days must pass before the first laser session to ensure that all hairs reach the same growth stage.
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