Epil Experience Convention in Montecatini Terme


Interview with Epil Experience President Paolo Maggio.
As a movement that starts with the people, Epil Experience aims to meet the needs of beauticians first and foremost, well before it meets an entrepreneurial ideal. Therefore there is no way it can excuse itself from actually going into its territory and going directly to beauticians and creating initiatives to convey the company's affinity with them and, also, to recount to them, as well as let them experience, a moment of mutual satisfaction and sharing of what we have already achieved, present our new projects, actually put them into action, and create events like this.
We decided to create and organise a convention in Montecatini Terme, in Tuscany, because - first and foremost - it is one of the first areas outside of where it all began - the Veneto region - and to make our presence felt by our very first, long-standing clients and reward them. This is an acknowledgement of their tenacity and the decision they took to follow a company that, at the beginning, was simply a project. It was not yet a company. And secondly, to award those salons that stood out for their sales performance, made clear from the beginning, which they achieved by collaborating with us.
Ilaria from Centro Estetico Ilaria, an Epil Experience partner.
I have been collaborating with you for two years, maybe even a little more. I am very happy and I hope to continue working with the company for a long time. I get on great with everyone, both the girls and the area managers and the company, so everyone that works at the offices.
Cristina from the La Fabbrica della Bellezza beauty salon, Epil Experience partner.
I have been working with Epil Experience for almost two years now, right from the beginning. I must say that I started telling myself, "what do I have to lose?" And not only did I have nothing to lose, I had loads to gain, especially in regard to client satisfaction, which is the most important thing for me.
Sabrina from the Deja Vu beauty salon, Epil Experience partner.
I have been collaborating with Epil Experience for two years, practically from the very beginning. I started with one day, now I am doing two days. I hope that it keeps going like this. I'm definitely happy at the moment.
Giada from the Anthea beauty salon, Epil Experience partner.
We have been working with Epil Experience for around a year and a half. We are extremely happy with the company, with the service they offer and the policy that they put in place with their services. We really like the idea of not having to do package deals. We really like the idea of also being able to give a superior quality service to people who do not have a lot of money.
Federica from the Beauty Planet beauty salon, Epil Experience partner.
At the beginning we weren't entirely convinced, because the days were not completely filled up. Now we work three days, everyone has seen results and it is the first time that no one has been disappointed. Our collaborators are all well trained. In fact, one of the company's strong points is that even the people that supported us were extremely well trained. That is also really important: a good client approach, a good way of working. We don't have anything to say.
Elena from the Estetica Miss beauty salon, Epil Experience partner.
It started almost for a laugh. First and foremost, we really liked the fact that there were no obligations. We are extremely pleased with our technician, Chiara Casali. She always comes to us and she has won over all our clients. Things are going really well, because this is a very professional company, the laser works extremely well. We are the guinea pigs and when we put on our days, we are the example. We are completely satisfied.
Francesca from the Beauty Fra Time beauty salon, Epil Experience partner.
We have only been collaborating with Epil Experience for a short time and we are very happy because at about three months out from the first collaboration we are already working two days. Our clients are very happy, because in just one session they have seen good results and that's the best thing about this collaboration.
The Epil Experience Convention in Montecatini Terme was a chance to meet Epil Experience's beauty salon partners from the Tuscany region and reaffirm their relationship and commitment to the company by meeting their needs and the needs of their clients concerning laser hair removal.

This was a meeting day that brought the brand and Epil Experience partners closer together with the aim of refocusing attention on the needs and requirements of beauty professionals and reaffirming our commitment to the end client.

The convention saw many important moments: information and updates on new features of our services and products, the announcement of new objectives and commitments for the future that Epil Experience is offering and sharing our mutual satisfaction for what has been achieved and the successes reached, which ended with awards being given to salons. Beauty salons that stood out in terms of business performance and clinics that have been loyal to Epil Experience for many years were awarded.
Grand Hotel Croce di Malta
via IV Novembre, 18
51016 Montecatini Terme (Pistoia)
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