Training day at the Beauty Experience Academy


Interview with Epil Experience President Paolo Maggio and and Training Manager Dr. Giulia Barbetti.
The Beauty Experience Academy is undoubtedly the shining star of this new project. It is a base, a building that has been created around our clients, stealing a slogan that is definitely more famous than us, because we were sure that it would have gone on to become a landmark for all our clients. This is a cutting-edge, futuristic training hub that is organised around structured protocols of excellence and includes technological systems that are up-to-date and able to impart an all-round, three-dimensional understanding of the training as a new experience, indeed, as professional growth.
The centre has a large reception area where we try to greet our clients in the best way we can as soon as they arrive. It then continues into a corridor, with a bar - a small bar - found in the centre, which makes the space much homier, much more comfortable for our guests, during breaks too. And then we have our classrooms that come in different sizes and with different layouts for both theory and practical training, within modern, comfortable spaces, looking to avoid an excessive presence of brands, of our brand. So we try not to over exaggerate in showing the company from a sales point of view, but - first and foremost - as a real training support.
The training process is extremely delicate. Of course, we are well aware that just one day, in many cases, is not sufficient and so we decided to also send a technician afterwards, to be at the disposal of the beauticians, as an addition to this day. So the laser, the subject of the business relationship, is delivered by a beauty professional who will work alongside beauticians for an entire day, allowing any doubts to be resolved once and for all. In actual fact, there is also a freephone number (Italy only), and a call centre, for times that they have any doubts. The call is passed to a technician so that the client is always supported.
Diode lasers produce a highly concentrated beam of light with a specific wavelength of 808 nanometres that passes through the skin in a fraction of a second. The energy of the laser light is mainly absorbed by the pigment, melanin, that is found around the roots of hair. The cells in the hair follicle are heated and selectively destroyed through a process that is known as selective photothermolysis.
The lasers are not dangerous to health and can provide satisfactory results, gradually reducing hair in the treated areas for both men and women. Various hair and skin types can be treated all year round as the laser beam only targets the melanin in the hair, without damaging the skin, even if it is tanned.

Sessions are given 30/40 days apart and the amount of sessions depends on how each individual person responds to the treatment.
To date, diode lasers are the best gradual, permanent hair removal system that provides a quick and significant change to conventional thinking by giving everyone the opportunity to leave traditional hair removal methods behind and provides excellent results.
The treatment is painless and improves irritating problems such as rough skin and folliculitis, giving an immediate feeling of well-being.
Theory and practical training courses are held for beauticians who have chosen to become Epil Experience partners at the Beauty Experience Academy.
The Academy is a cutting-edge training hub that has been created around the client and organised according to protocols of excellence and technological assistance to support beauticians during their training.

A group of teachers, under the leadership of technical training manager, Giulia Barbetti, provide theory training courses, alongside professional technicians who are laser experts and provide the practical training.

Proper professional training forms the basis of the professional expertise of the operators who will provide laser hair removal autonomously and competently. That is why training is extremely important and delicate and why Epil Experience wanted to focus on it specifically. This approach has been implemented by not only creating suitable spaces with all the technological systems needed, but by investing in the creation and training of a group of teachers and specialised technicians who, in turn, have undergone rigorous training.

We also offer technicians who will come right to the beauty salons to support beauticians for the first hair removal treatments they perform as additional support, or indeed, whenever they feel the need for extra assistance.
This additional training course guarantees safe and evident results right from the first session and a competent and professional client approach that aims to satisfy any doubts that come to mind.
Beauty Experience Academy
Via del Commercio, 20
37066 Sommacampagna, (Verona) Italy
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