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How many laser hair removal sessions are needed to get a good result?

The results after the treatment course depends on the person.

Can all body areas be treated with a diode laser?

Some areas of the body cannot be treated, including the ears, nose, mucous membranes, eyelids and broken skin.

Can I get laser hair removal during the summer?

Laser hair removal can be done during the summer if certain precautions are taken.

Will there be any discomfort after a laser hair removal treatment?

After laser hair removal, the client may feel some slight discomfort in certain areas for a short period.

How can I remove regrowth between laser hair removal sessions?

We recommend waxing to tidy up the area between one session and another, which must be done before the 15 days leading up to the laser hair removal session. 
Before laser hair removal, clients should shave the whole area to be treated.

How often can I get diode laser hair removal?

The interval between repeat sessions depends on the laser hair removal phase.

I have tattoos in the area I want to get laser hair removal - will they create any problems?

It is important that tattoos and/or semi-permanent make-up are covered with extreme care during laser hair removal.

I have very dry skin - can I have laser hair removal without running into any problems?

A few steps are recommended to get the best results with laser hair removal.

I have a few moles in the area I want treated with diode laser hair removal - will they be affected?

It is crucial that moles are covered very carefully during laser hair removal.

What precautions should be taken before and after diode laser hair removal?

It is crucial that certain steps are carried out to obtain optimal results with diode laser hair removal.

Why is it advisable to use Epil Cream during a course of laser hair removal?

Epil Cream is a cosmetic product that has been formulated specifically as an adjuvant in the after care of laser hair removal. It is an integral part of the Epil Experience protocol.

Can people with disorders and diseases be treated?

Laser hair removal will depend on a few factors for people with certain illnesses.
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